I have all this baby stuff and no little babies

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baby gear

Have you ever said the title of this post?  You’re not alone, a lot of parents have and now they are some of my best consignors.  Having a little baby in the house requires a lot time, patience and BABY GEAR!  Let me list some of the items you need: car seat, stroller, bassinet, receiving blankets,  walkers, jumperoos, excersaucers, breast pump, high chair, pack n play, crib, changing table, swing, co-sleeper, gilder…..and the list could go on on for days.  That’s why baby consignment – resale stores are so popular.  Not only are they popular among new parents but they are also very popular with grandparents, aunts, and friends because everyone loves to shop for a new baby.  Baby clothes really can’t get any cuter.  But after everyone has shopped for months excitedly awaiting for the arrival of the new baby your house is full of baby stuff.  In every corner of the house you see a baby item and the baby isn’t even here yet.  Your house is not your house anymore it’s the baby’s house.

Your baby arrives and she hates the swing you searched endlessly on the internet.  You would love to try another swing but they are so expensive so you look at your local resale store.  You drive 3 hours to grandmas house and you forgot your pack n play…call your local consignment store.  All of sudden your baby wants to stand all the time and there is no room in the budget for a pricey jumperoo so you call your local resale store for help.

After buying all that gear, spending way over budget and your little baby is now in preschool you look at the hubby and say “let’s get rid of some of this stuff”.  You think about having a garage sale and then reality sets in….getting up at 5am to set up, people haggling you over a quarter….ummmm no!  You start to think there has to be a better way…maybe I can give it to a friend and feel great about myself….that sounds nice but you don’t have anyone expecting a little one. Hummm… then you google selling baby gear tampa — ah ha!  Reruns 4 Little Ones baby kids maternity resale boutique pops up.  You think this sounds interesting….so you call to find out how it works.  And the lady on the other end says you “you receive 40% of the selling price”  bring it to us and let us do all the work for you.  You hang up and think “wow that’s awesome and easy!”