Cloth Diapers Are Trendy Again!

Cloth Diapers Tampa – Green Mommy Diapers

apple cheeks
apple cheeks

Yes I said cloth diapers are trendy!  We have mommies drive from all over to come see our stash of cloth diapers.  Why do you ask?????  Because they are so cute and easy.  The come in all different shapes, styles and sizes.  Our customers have different reasons why they choose cloth.  As for Shannon Green the owner of Green Mommy Diapers her daughter was experiencing horrible diaper rashes while in disposable diapers so she started researching alternate options and that’s when she came across cloth diapers.  Problem solved!

Some of our mommies do it because it’s more GREEN…some of them do it because they feel disposables are harmful for there little one….BUT lots of our mommies do it because they love how they look and feel.  They are so touchably soft and squishy.  In the cloth diaper world they call their cloth diapers “fluff”.

Reruns 4 Little Ones offers a free cloth diaper class the 1st Saturday of every month from 1pm – 3pm. Shannon Green will take you on a learning journey of cloth diapers.  cloth diapers

We carrier a large selection of cloth diapers – apple cheeks – rumperoos – bum genius – flip – ecnobums – we also have a great selection of accessories – diaper sprayer – wet bags – pail liners – Charlie Soap  – Molly’s Studs

Recently added — potty trainers — super undies