Tula Baby Carrier Tampa

The hottest mommy accessory now is the Tula baby carrier — it’s a mommy must have in Tampa!

I can tell you from my own personal experience it has been life changing.  I wear my son William everyday ….why do you ask?

  • When he wakes from a nap and wants  extra cuddles we wear.
  • When he is over tried and can’t go to sleep on his own we wear.
  • When he is cranky in the late afternoon and dinner needs to be made we wear.
  • When we are walking to the car (because we live in a building) I wear him so he doesn’t run off in parking lot while I’m loading the car for the day we wear.

Reruns sells the ergonomic baby carrier, ring sling, and woven wraps thru Green Mommy boutique.  Come by 7 days a weeks to find your perfect fit and style.  Babywearing is a way of life! 813-249-1975

Reruns has trained their employees to help find you your perfect for your lifestyle and baby needs.  Each carrier has it’s own unique functions.  I personally love my buckle carrier because of the quickness and ease when putting it on while chasing a fast toddler.  I’ve just recently purchased a woven wrap…why?  Because I couldn’t resist the beauty of it.  They are handcrafted and so soft to the touch….ummmm so I said “yes” when I saw them in person.

Tampa bay community has a large and very active community of babywearers.  To learn more check out their facebook page.



babywearing tula baby carrier

tula wrap
babywearing tula woven wrap
ring sling
babywearing tula ring sling