We Sell Amber Necklaces for babies! 

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Amber Necklaces

Have you see babies around the Tampa Bay area wearing these beaded necklaces and thought “what the heck is that?”  Well, let me tell you more.  They are amber teething necklaces.  They are a natural way to help your little one deal with the pain of teeth coming in.  Scientists report teething is as painful as labor.  An amber teething necklace is one more way to help your little cope with the pain.

Reruns want to ensure your little one has the proper fit with his or her necklace.  We recommend bringing them in when purchasing so we can properly fit the necklace around the little one’s neck.  When we fit the necklace, we check for proper sizing, meaning we do not want the necklace to come above the chin into the mouth.  We also do not want it too tight.  We only want it to lose enough to get 2 fingers in between the neck and the necklace.  Reruns only sell screw clasp amber teething necklace.  We prefer this over this pop clasp.

How Does Amber Teething Necklace work?

According to proponents, Baltic amber contains a “natural analgesic” called succinic acid. When a baby wears the necklace, his or her body heat then releases this chemical from the gemstone and gets absorbed into the skin, thereby easing their pain.

What do they do?

Reduces teething pain, fussing, and drooling usually within a few days.  HEALING: Amber has been used since ancient items as a natural remedy throughout the world.

Rave reviews:

“Like turning off the drool faucet.”

“A life saver. I noticed a difference within a couple hours”

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