Help Information On Recalled Products. Reruns top priority is providing safe products for your little ones.





The goal of Reruns is to sell only the best items. We do not intend to resell recalled or unsafe items. Our number one goal is the safety and security of our shoppers/customers. Working together we can ensure that we are offering the required safety standards.

In light of the alarming number of recent toy and product recalls, we at Reruns 4 Little Ones, find it necessary to help parents become better informed about children’s product safety. We also expect our consignors to use these lists before consigning any of their items, therefore, ensuring none of their items offered for sale have been recalled. Below you will find links to important children’s product safety websites.

car seat

Reruns 4 Little Ones does sell and consign car seats.  We take many precautions to ensure we are providing only the best.  Car seat/stroller combos Cannot be more than 4 years old. All car seats will be inspected to ensure they meet all safety requirements. (not expired, all plastics intact, hardness intact, an affidavit signed stating car seat has never been involved in a car accident)


Dept of Transportation – Recalls 1-800-424-9393

car seat







Crib Slat width: Cribs will be accepted if the space between the slats is no more than 2-3/8 inches apart to prevent infants from getting their head stuck between them. Cribs manufactured after 1974 must meet this and other strict safety standards.

baby crib

Cribs with corner posts: The corner posts should be the same height as the end panels or less than 1/16 of an inch higher than the end panels.

Cribs with Cutouts: No cut-out areas on the headboard or footboard so a baby’s head cannot get trapped.

Crib Top Rails: The top rails of crib sides, in their raised position, should be at least 26 inches above the top of the mattress support at its lowest position.

Recent Recalls – The CPSC has announced a recall for potentially dangerous drop-side cribs. Please contact Stork Craft at 877-274-0277 for specific models and to receive a free repair kit.

Drop Side Cribs: As of Fall 2010, Reruns will no longer be accepting drop-side cribs without the repair kit.

Safety Links U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy Industry Association, Inc. Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association online resource for U.S. Government recalls Safe Kids Worldwide National Highway Traffic Safety Administration consolidated product safety information list of various toy recall websites The Family Education Network

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