Halloween Is Our Favorite Time Of Year!

Halloween is one of Reruns 4 Little Ones favorite holidays.  You ask WHY?  What is NOT to LOVE about dressing up like your favorite super hero and princess for a day.  For some parents it means to be a kid again and get your artsy-crafty juices flowing.  So break out your box labeled arts and crafts that has dust on it and get your imagination cap on.  

As September comes the conversations start with the little ones…..Madeline “what do you want to be for Halloween?” during long car rides.  We go thru long list of ideas and family themes.  Usually ideas are driven by the latest hot topic, movie or song.  Once we have decided on an idea the costume planning starts.  We try to figure out creative and non-costly ways to construct our costumes.  Since I own Reruns I have a little bit of an upper-hand at this task, so we hit Halloween department at Reruns.  I love this time of year because so many new families come explore Reruns to shop our unique costumes.   Many have the “ahh haa” moments ….why am I going to spend $50 on a costume that is only going to be worn for a couple hours.  As for mommy and daddy’s costumes we hit our local goodwill or thrift store.

October arrives we usually know what parties and events we will be attending so we can plan how long we have to work on our crafty projects.  Daddy’s costume is usually the easiest because he has limits on what he will do.  Mommy’s costume is usually the most transforming but that’s last minute makeup prep.  As for the kids William is the youngest so makeup and big costumes are out of the question right now so a simple costume that is put on right before walking out of the door or at the party is the best choice.  (Tip: Have the youngest wear the costume several times before a big event so they become adjusted it the feeling of it. If not you may have a huge meltdown at the party.  If you have a little one who doesn’t like to dress up, put the costume in the toy box so they can discover and explore the costume on there own time)  My daughter Madeline who is 7 years old is in the prime time of her Halloween experience, so we put the most effort into her costume because pretty soon she will be the ghost on your doorstep grabbing 2 large handfuls of candy.

Reruns Halloween department is a great opportunity for parents to save lots of money but it’s also a great time to build your dress up toy box for imagination play.  If you have a little ones that loves to be a Fire Fighter one day and Iron Man the next here’s your opportunity to get all those costumes for an awesome deal.

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happy halloween