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All merchandise accepted by Reruns must be seasonally appropriate, currently in style, clean, odor and stain free, in good working order, contain all pieces, and in be excellent condition. Battery operated items should contain batteries for testing purposes. Recalls will be checked where appropriate. It is our policy to limit or not accept discount brand clothing and shoes from stores such as Wal-mart, Target, K-mart, etc. as well as other less expensive items that can not be marked at our shop price minimum.

Please do not bring clothing in garbage bags. If you are not sure if we accept an item or if the item is large, please contact us before bringing in to be sure we can accept it.

Items we do NOT accept:

Used bath and potty items, diaper pales, bedding (crib and toddler set), used bottles, and used feeding items

Consignment Seasonal Calendar:

** We do not accept FALL clothing and shoes until September 1st **

consignment resale calendar

 All unsold Halloween costumes are donated on the first Saturday of November, if not picked up.

 All unsold Winter Holiday items are donated on the first Saturday of January, if not picked up.

 What items do you accept for consignment?

Name brand girls and boys clothing sizes 0 – 10, shoe sizes 0 – 3, current styles and seasonally appropriate

Name brand maternity wear in all sizes, current styles and seasonally appropriate

Nursery Furniture

All types of baby gear, toys and equipment (see “products we sell” page for more details)

DVD’s, games, electronics, and music

All items will be checked for recalls prior to accepting them for consignment.


Upon arrival to the store we will have you fill out the latest version of the contract

Consignor will receive 40% of the final selling price. The consignment/resale period will be 8 weeks from receipt of consigned items and will be documented as such on the receiving report. Each new set of items that are brought in will require a new contract and contract expiration date.

Consignor understands that it is their responsibility to keep track of any and all consignment period dates, time frames, etc and that Reruns 4 Little Ones WILL NOT contact them to notify them of such dates.

Consignor WILL NOT be notified if any item(s) is pulled due to recalls. Item(s) will be disposed of at the sole discretion of Reruns.


Contract End Date _________________   Initials _________________


Items are priced at the sole discretion of Reruns 4 Little Ones Items and are priced based on supply and demand, type and condition of item. Unsold Items will be subject to mark downs based on supply and demand, and also on length of time that the item has been on consignment. Items may also be subject to periodic sales discounts, promotions, coupon discounts, end of season sales, etc throughout the consignment period.


Amounts due to consignor are posted at the time of sale. Consignor may pick up payments any time during opening hours. If the item is purchased with a credit card 1% will be deducted from payment. Payout may be in the form of cash or check. Consignor may also use payout funds as store credit.


Consignor is responsible for contacting Reruns 4 Little Ones and collecting payout funds within 1 year of last active contract expiration date. Any monies not collected after 1 year will be forfeited to Reruns 4 Little Ones.


Payout Forfeiture Date ________________ Initials ________________


Consignor has read the Merchandise Guidelines document and agrees that all merchandise conforms to the guidelines described in that document. Any items presented to Reruns 4 Little Ones that are later found to be not as described in the Merchandise Guidelines document will be held for 7 calendar days after contract beginning date for consignor to pick up. Any items not picked up within those 7 calendar days will be disposed of at the discretion of Reruns 4 Little Ones without notifying you first.


Any unsold items not reclaimed at the end of the contract period will automatically become the property of Reruns 4 Little Ones. Consignor understands that in order to reclaim unsold items at the end of the consignment/resale period, consignor must contact Reruns 4 Little Ones within 5 calendar days prior to the contract end date. Reruns requires at least 3 business days to pull your merchandise for you to pick up. Any merchandise not picked up within 7 calendar days of your notifying us will automatically become the property of Reruns 4 Little Ones.


Consignor agrees to hold harmless and make no claim against Reruns 4 Little Ones for the damage, theft or loss of any items consigned to Reruns 4 Little Ones. Reruns 4 Little Ones does not anticipate any thefts, damage, or loss and takes every precaution to prevent them, but unfortunately these events may occur. Consignor agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Reruns 4 Little Ones for any liability that may arise from consignor’s merchandise.


The Consignor Contract and the Merchandise Guidelines documents are subject to change for future consignments. This contract supersedes any and all contracts previously in effect with Reruns 4 Little Ones. If an items does not meet the Merchandise Guidelines standards but are acceptable for sale if stain/dirt is removed; Reruns will assess a cleaning fee to product/clothing.

I have carefully read this contract and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in it: Signature: ___________________________

Name: _________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________________


City/State: ___________________________Zip_______________ Phone:__________________/Cell_______________________


Email: ______________________________Contract Start Date: _____________ Consignor Account #:_________________


How did you find us: _________________


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