Now Accepting SUMMER Clothing And Shoes

Funny little girl, adorable toddler with curly hair wearing a red dress, eating watermelon, healthy fruit snack, playing in a sunny garden on a hot summer day

January 2nd we start accepting Summer Clothing  – It’s that time again……. Reruns 4 Little Ones baby kids maternity resale boutique wants your little ones SUMMER clothing, shoes and bathing suits!!!  We are looking for gently used name brand SUMMER clothing.

Reruns is currently looking for:

shorts – collard shirts – skirts – dresses – light weight pants – bathing suits – short sleeve shirts – rain coats – formal Easter wear – upcoming holiday wear like Valentines day outfits.

Here are some helpful tips to organize your items for consignment:

Bring clothing that is freshly washed and dried

Check clothing for stains, rips, missing buttons, holes – we understand that clothing is meant to be worn and played in but the they need to be in sellable condition so bring us your best and we will give you our best in return!

Pair outfits and/or pieces together – outfits will make you more money

Bring clothing in a box, bin or or a laundry basket – this allows the clothing to be wrinkle free and outfits will stay together.

Shoes must have laces – most shoes can be launder on a gentle cycle of your washing machine and then put in the sun to dry – shoes that have dirty inside soles will not be accepted.

Bathing suits must not have any fading, fabric damage, and the elastics must not be dried out or cracked to be accepted.

Toys must have all pieces, in working condition and no corrosion.  All toys will be tested if not working they will be given back at the of screening or discarded if found later.

Baby gear must be clean, working condition, have all pieces and not recalled.  Reruns will verify whether or not the item is recalled and the consignor will be advised that it will be be destroyed and discarded.

Reruns accepts formal Easter wear, Valentines, St Patrick’s wear – if you have a holiday wear gather it up and bring it in!

Reruns accepts consignments all day every day to make it easy for you to consign with us.  However please remember we could have a long wait times so we may ask that you return the later that day so our team can screen your items appropriately and you can receive your “no thanks you’s” back.

We have these options available:

drop and wait – bring in your items and wait for us to go thru them.  You will receive your “no thank you’s” back if,  I items are given back as your “no thank you’s” with no instructions like please wash or please bring back for a different season.  Please do not bring the items back for re-screening.  If you have a issue please contact the management team.  Please allow the consignment specialist to go through the items as you look around the shop.

drop and run – bring in your items provide contact info and we will call you when done or give you a estimated time for pick up.

drop and donate – bring in your items, provide your name and advise the consignment specialist you will be donating anything that is not acceptable.

New Consignors: New consignors will be educated on our contract policies and then asked to sign and fill out our contract (see contract via our website).

Consignors receive 40% of the selling price once the item sells – the money goes into the account as soon as something sells so you can come by anytime to pick up money.

Reruns 4 Little Ones accepts clothing infant through size 10 in girls and boys – shoes infant through size 3

We proudly celebrated 10 years in business this year doing what we LOVE….making YOU money!!!  Please respect our policies and we will give you our best.